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It should be kept in Organic Red Sindhoor / Vermillion at a safe dark place in mandir, drawer, safe box, locker, cash box, galla, under the bed, almirah etc. at one’s home, office,¬† shop, showroom or industry.

Billi ki zer blesses a person with health, wealth, prosperity, happiness and improves presence of mind.
– It is used for accumulation of wealth, acquisition of money and gives confidence.
Billi ki jar is used for acheiving your goals and victory.
– It helps in building assets and increased savings.
РVastly used by businessmen, industrialists, gamblers, stock brokers, bankers, investors, financers, leaders etc.
Cat’s Chord, Cat’s Naval Chord, Billi Ke Jer is also used for vashikaran puja and hyptonism.
Billi Ke Zer, Billi Ke Jer, billi Ki Nal, billi ki jer is the most secretive and magical objects for gaining wealth.
– Cat’s Chord, Cat umbilical cord, billi ki jer can help you come out of any type of crises.
– Gives vastu benefits if used properly. Vastu practioners and brands like etc recommend these for vastu dosh nivaran.
– Politicians can dominate and rule the world, improve their political career and public image (with Jungli Billi ki Jer).

Do’s & Dont’s of Billi Ki Naal

  • Billi ki jar should be kept in organic red sindoor, sindhur or vermillion powder.
  • Should be kept in home, office and shop.
  • Should be used after doing laxmi siddh puja or after energizing and activating it properly.
  • Should not be used in rahu kalam.
  • Should be placed in the right direction.
  • Should be used in the prescribed nakshatra and yogs only.
  • Should not be used for tantric activities.
  • Should not be misused for vashikaran or forceful dominance over others.
  • Its a godly object and a rare talisman to be treasured, not to be misused.
  • Its by default effect of attracting opposite sex and vashikaran powers should not be misused by the possessor.

Billi Ki Jer Rituals

Rituals for Bili ki jer are very precise and can be done by experts, well versed with all vedas. Its important to understand that cats naval cord is used for right reasons. It should not be used for any tantric activities which can harm anyone. Tantrik Shastra and Tantric Puja can be done on billi ki jer to get desired results. Tantrik siddhi done on billi ki nal can fetch even supernatural results, and the tantrik and the possessor can get desired benefits out of it. It has some magical powers, extremely powerful & useful if procured and placed well.

Who All Can Use Billi ki Jer
– Stock Market Professionals
– Builders & Property Dealers
– Financers, Stock Brokers, Gamblers
– Businessmen, Traders & Industrialists
РMoney Laundering  & Money Changers
– Investor Bankers, Banking Professionals
– Politicians, Leaders, High Rank Professionals
– Wealth Managers, Astrologers, Vastu Professionals

How To Use Cats Umbical Chord or Naval Cord
It is a very important piece of talisman, which needs to be kept and placed very carefully to get maximum results out of it.

Steps to be followed to start using Billi Ki Jer:

1. It should be well energized, activated, charged, pran pratishtha and shuddhi done on it.
2. It should be kept at the recommended place in the most auspicious nakshatra and yog under the guidance of an expert astrologer only.
3. Billi ki zer should be kept in organic red vermilion sindhur within the prescribed day and time slot.
4. It shoyld be kept wrapped in a red velvet cloth or in a pouch.
5. All lal kitaab recommendations should be taken into consideration while activating and placing it in the right direction.
6. On can place billi ki jer or billi ki naal, or cats umbical chord or cats naval chord at home, office, shop, showroom, job desk, workstation, factory, industry, manufacturing plant or unit and in the vehicle.

How To Activate, Charge and Energize Billi Ki Jer
Billi ki nal should be well energized and activated by or under the supervision of an expert astrologer or a karam-kandi pandit, who is well versed with all types of vedas and shastras. This process of pran-pratishtha and shuddhi include various rituals and mantra uccharan, which are needed to be recited and pronounced well and in a precise manner to activate this talisman. Then the activation and siddhi puja is to be performed to energize and charge it well so that it can give maximum benefits and healing powers to the possessor.

Where To Use Billi Ki Jer
Billi ki jer or bili ki nal is used for:
– Vashikaran Purpose
– Sammohan Purpose
– For Tantric Activities
– For Supernatural Powers
– Health & Physical Benefits
– For Mohini & Sammohini Puja
– For Instant Financial & Monetary Gains
– For Dominance & To Rule Over the World
– For Finances, Money & Wealth Accumulation