Nava Mani – The 9 Pearls

Nava Mani - Oyster Pearl, Conch Pearl, Cobra Pearl, Boar Pearl, Elephant Pearl, Bamboo Pearl, Whale Pearl, Fish Pearl, Cloud Pearl

Nava Mani, The Nine Pearls, The Nine Vedic Pearls or The 9 Vedic Pearls is what we call as the Nava Moti, or the Nine Gems or Nau Mani. In Garudra Puran, these 9 gems are described as a group of sacred gems in its vedic text. These Nava Moti or Nava Mani are as follows:


Though most of the pearls are most difficult to procure and are not found these days, but some of them are still available in the international market. The available pearls out of these nava mani are Elephant Pearl (Gaj Mukta) & Cobra Pearl (Naag Mani).


Also Called Mega Mani or Megha Mani. These are very rare and big in size. Though various sizes are available in this mani, but most of them are dark blue to light blue in color. Some are having spirals around. And some are having just shades of blue around them. Mostly mix textures of blue and various other colors have also be seen in these cloud pearls, which can still be found. These gems are translucent to opaque in color.

These cloud pearls rarely reaches the ground. Generally these pearls are found with either gem collectors, antique collectors, or with the age old hierarchy of kings and their heirs, who have started selling them now for good fortunes as their kingdom and old royal days have gone now. Sea sailors and fish catchers have been seen with these types of gems, most often, selling them in the international markets for some instant fortune.

It is said that these pearls or megha manis are formed in the clouds, in the 7th layer of the wind of the sky,  and when the lightening strikes. It reaches earth during a big cloud burst or when the lightening strikes through the clouds. It is generally found deep in the soft sand of the unexplored sea shores and islands lost deep in the sea. Lighting strikes and water waves are another source of carrier for these gems or cloud pearls.

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Whale Pearls or Jumbu Matsya Mani are generally big round rough textured stones found in various colors. With vague patterns seen in some of these gems, there is no a huge probability of having them in various textures, sizes and colors. Some are translucent and some appears to be opaque in color. But transparent variety is never seen. The most VALUABLE among all are the opaque round shaped deep yellow or light to dark golden color whale pearls with some moon surface like small dents on it. White to yellow tints and shades and odd round shapes are also seen sometimes. These are said to be found in the mouth of whales, which they throw out after a certain period and sailors collect them as treasures in the deep blue sea and high waters. 

Sometimes they resemble a fish’s eye as well. These pearls are known to be very sacred, pure, powerful and valuable. These pearls said to have innumerable powers and they posses a heavenly energy to gain power and wealth. These are priceless gems as there is no fixed price set for these talismans.

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These pearls or gaj mukta is said to be found in the temple of a special species of elephants and old mammoths thousands of years old. Those pearls are big rock or brick like structures with odd shapes having sheen or dull lustre over it. These are collected from the fossils of those elephants and being auctioned at the international auction houses. Then these are cut and polished in pieces to make it more wearable and usable.

The pearls are usually formed in the head and in the tusk sockets of these Airavata Elephants, which are not present today. The size of a pearl or gaj mukta is very large, huge and in various odd shapes. These are worn by kings in various forms of jewellery like rings, bracelets, carved necklaces etc. For more info and its benefits, click here.

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These are the miraculous gems, found in deep jungles, where snakes do hunting at night. These pearls are either opaque black in color with special texture over it Or are available in dull pale greenish color, which has a property to absorb light and emit light for a specific duration, depending upon its size, in the dark environments. It is this property of emitting light at dark in the night is what snakes use to lure its prey from far distance. Cobra snakes put it on the grass near their mouth and stay calm, hide in the grass or behind leaves. This camouflage them from the eyes of the birds and large dragon flies, which gets attracted to the light of naag mani. The glowing nagmani attracts the prey for the snake and they hunt them easily without putting in much of the effort. Snake charmers pick these mani by tricking the snakes and cobras.

Naagamani, also called nagamani, serpent stone, snake stone, serpent pearl and cobra stone is said to give good fortune to its possessor, its a king maker stone, protects you from unexpected happenings and chronic diseases. It gives immense wealth and great health to the owner of this talismani mani. For more info and its benefits, click here.

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A Gilabi Mani comes from a rare species of greater conch  family, where it is rarely formed. Though it is formed in the digestive tract, but colors variate a lot depending upon the rarity. Some are very rare colors, that’s why they are very expensive like deep pink, golden yellow, red, reddish white pinkish white tench, but it can variate and comes in vast variety of shades like white, pale while, dull white to pale yellow, creamish and off white yellow shades. Though shapes variate sometimes, these are polished to make them more oval or round so that Vastu & External Dimensions are in proportion to make it more valuable, wearable, soothing to eyes and to give best possible healing. An intestinal deposit in the conk is what makes it more valuable and rare. It cannot be cultivated or grown artificially in any lab. It is all naturally found and is categorized as a bezoar stone as well.

It is not nacre, that’s why it is devoid of its color, luster and brilliancy. But as far as AUSPICIOUS & HEALING POWERS are concerned, out of all 8 species of the Pearls found worldwide, Gilabi Moti & Gaja Moti (Gaj Mukta or Elephant Pearl) found in the temple of elephants are the most precious, valuable, powerful and treasured among all pearls. It is seen in various sizes differentiating in small, medium and large. Though larger sizes are more rare and difficult to find. These are priceless treasures, as there is no specific price or cost set for them.


Fish Pearls or Matsya Mani are found in the mouth or stomach of a fish. It is not found in every fish. Very few fish carry this talisman.

Matsya Mani are rough to plain textured variated pattern formations, found in various sizes from very very small to very large stones. They are found in translucent to opaque form. These fish pearls are generally white in color with various shades on it ranging from pink to yellow to light green to blue tints. These are priceless talismans found with fishermen and sea sailors, who sell them to collectors and traders. There is no fix price set for these treasures as they differ as per the rarity, color and textures.

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Mostly round in shape, but sometimes come in different uneven round shapes also. small to big balls shaped, colors ranging from off white to brownish earthy woody mix shades, flat and sometimes uneven, have light texture like a rough mix wood, as these are found in the hollow stem of bamboos. These Bamboo Stem Pearls generally do not have any lustre or flaw in the skin. Mix shades ranging from white to dark brown suffixes the flaws and its texture behind it. But its a rare natural occurrence. That’s why there is no specific price set for these treasures.

These are extremely precious possessions, rare and valuable, objects of desire possessed by kings from centuries, gives name, fame, wealth, gives healing to chronic diseases and cures them, cures grief and sorrow, and blesses childless couples with sons.

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Generally Boar Head Pearls are found in round to oval to egg like shapes, dark in color, opaque with most rough texture around. But they can be polished and smoothed on demand. They are found in the temples and head area of wild boars. Mostly found in the specific areas and digging sites of the world, natives collect them while they dig for archaeological or construction purposes and sell them.

It gives divine strength, overall healing, win over enemies, sexual power and strength, high intuition powers, gives good luck, stability and progress in business, job & profession, attraction for opposite sex, high personal charisma, peace, harmony and great social standing. These are priceless possessions with no specific price set for these treasures.

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Though Oysters are used in spells for banishment, wealth and divine opulence, but they are more known for their pearl generating capabilities. Oysters generally protect themselves from the irritating grains of sand. In order to protect itself, it quickly start covering the grain of sand with a mineral substance called layers of nacre. When oyster starts covering it with layers and layers of nacre on the sand grain, also called as mother of pearl, it creates a gem called Pearl or Oyster Pearl.

These Pearls are flawless textured round ball shaped pieces of treasure. Also found with dents on it in various sizes ranging from very small to very large sizes measured in carats. Perfect round ones with no dent or pot hole are the most precious ones. Japanese oyster pearls are the best among them all.