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Naag Mani, Cobra Pearl, Snake Stone, Nagmani, Nagamani


Naag Mani, Cobra Pearl, Snake Stone, Nagmani, Nagamani​

Nagamani, Naagmani, Nagmani, Nag Mani, Naga Mani nagamani stone, cobra pearl, snake money, cobra pearl price, cobra pearl for saleNaag Mani: Owning such NagMani is considered good luck, makes person wealthy and fulfil all desires. It also mentioned that when gem is separated from the Cobra, the cobra dies. But it is not true at all. The Naag Mani, Cobra Pearl or Snake Stone is considered as one of the nine sacred stones & 9 sacred pearls or nava mani and most of the books on gems give the way it is formed naturally, but all are myth and created stories. Practically there are many other aspects generally people are not aware of, which we are going to mention here. Possessing a Naag Mani, Cobra Pearl or Snake Stone attains devotion, godliness, good fortune and eventually becomes renowned as a leader of men and masses. ‘’IT’S THE PERFECT PATH TO SPIRITUAL AWAKENING’’.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

Paras Booti | Paaras Buti – Features, Testing & Benefits

paras booti, paaras bootiPaaras Booti: Its a HIGH POWER Natural Booti, Moves in Water or When Touched by Water, Good for High Business Growth and Business Expansion, Used for High Income and Career Growth, Overseas Connections and Corporate Alliances, Good for Married Couples, Marital Bond and Love, Good for Love Marriages, Delay in Marriage, Used to Get Desired Life Partner, Good for Social Tie Ups & Public Relations, Used for Strengthening Personal Relations, Used for Strengthening Family Relations, Used for High Intuitive Powers and Activating Sixth SenseCLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS


elephant pearl, oysters with pearls inside for sale, gaja mukta, elephant gajamuthu price
Gaj Mukta: Here are the details about the Gajmukta. You can know about what experts say or our pauraanic granthas say about this miraculous product. GAJAMUKTA (The Elephant Pearl). A Gaja Mukta is a white to pale yellow ivorish color oval anatomical structure with light texture and a dull sheen on it. Gaj Mani has some great therapeutic uses, medicinal properties and some strange and magical healing powers. It can even cure cancer and other chronic ailments. Its like a white ivorish pearl found in very few species of elephants. GajMani is a natural and antique article, extremely rare to find and very expensive. Gaja Mani has some great benefits like bringing huge fortune to the owner of this elephant pearl and these are also considered as some priceless treasures and rare finds found in certain type of elephants in the deep jungles in the ancient times.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS


Paasha Jaal, How to Remove Black Magic, Tantrik Tona Totka, Get rid of black magic effects
It Reverses the Black Magic Done on You | Removes Bad and ill Effects of Black Magic and Goes Back to the Sender | Creates a Protective Shield Around You | Removes all Types of Black Magic, Vodoo, Kaala Jaadu, Sufi Tantra, Muslim Tantra, Bengali Tantra, American and African Magic, Chinese Magic, Japanese Magic, White Magic, WitchCrafts etc and Cleanses Your Body, Nullifies & Neutralizes Any Magic & Tantra Done on You!  CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

Hatha Hodi | Haata Jori

(We don’t sell this as it comes under endangered plant species. This is Just for Information Purpose Only. We do not buy / sell this item).
Hatha Jodi is a type of root that is often described as resembling human arms with clenched fists. Hatha Jodi is primarily found in the Madhya Pradesh area of India, which, according to the National Informatics Centre, is located in central India and is often called the “Heart of India.” This plant root grows in this region, as it is rich in large plateaus, large mountain ranges, rivers and miles of dense forests, providing an ideal environment for the plant to flourish.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

Siyar Singhi | Gidar Singi

Siyar Singhi, Gidar Singhi, Siyar Singi, Gidar Singi, Jackals Horn
(This is shown Just for Information Purpose Only. We do not buy / sell this item).
Siyar or a Jackal, which normally has no horn but when it hoots facing downwards, a small bunch of hair with a horn emerges from his body at the forehead. This is considered very sacred and known as Siyar Singhi. It may be of small, medium and big sizes. Having Siyar Singhi gives immense wealth, victory over enemies, success in litigations and law suits etc. In Tantra and vedic upaye, this can be used in many ways.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

Garuda Mani, Garud Mani, Garudmani, Garudamani, Eagle Stone, Eagle Pearl, Garuda Pearl

Garuda Mani, Eagle Stone, Cheel ka PatharDevelop hunting and preying skills, Gives keen power of observation, wide reach in terms of popularity, It gives a never to surrender attitude, It will let you regain your lost territory, Gives ability to work together in groups, It gives complete dominance over others, It always gives a fight to win over enemies, Makes you a fearless and successful leader, It gives you ability to strategize and plan well, Possessing this is equivalent to touching face of god, Gives you an eagle eye to minutely study and observe. Vision is a successful leadership characteristic, which is seen in all the great leaders of this world, It enhances Courage, pride, bravery, honour, grace and determination, makes you more social and active. It is symbolic to transcendence, soaring high, freedom and power. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

Billi ki Jer | Billi ki Naal | Cats Umbical Chord

Billi ki jer, Bili ki Jer, Cats Umbical ChordBilli Ki Jer: It is also known as bili ki jer. It is extremely difficult to procure, but equally useful if preserved. It should be kept in vermillion powder or “Sindhoor” in house /mandir or in an office or shop in a cash box. It is one of the mystic secrets of the orients to get help in crisis, to improve presence of mind and to raise confidence level. It blesses a person with wealth, prosperity, acquisition and accumulation of money, increasing savings and building assets. It is used for Vashikaran, Anusthan Pratishthaan and particularly for acquisition of wealth. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

Lions Teeth | Sher ke Daant

Sher ke Dant, Sher ke Daant, Lions Teeth(This is shown Just for Information Purpose Only. We do not buy / sell this item). Well Known for Strength, Power, Flexibility, Fear, Rule, Domination, King Size Lifestyle and Winning Attitude, these Lion’s Teeths in Possession let the Possesor Rule the world around. The person using this AMULET Dominates the world and posseses Leadership Qualities. Individuals who are in Politics, Administrative Services, Police Officers, Army Officers, Beaurocrats, Advocates, Lawyers, Judges, Directors, Presidents, Industrialists generally wear / possess this Lion’s Teeth to be in power and always remain in power and rule the world around. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

Space Stone | Antrikha | Talismani Pathar

Space Stone Antrikha, Talismani Pathar

Space Stone, also known as Extra Terrestrial Talismani Pathar, is used for Protection against Evil Effects and Evil Spirits, for Sharpness of Mind, gives High Intellect, Gives Immense Wealth & Money Power, Give very High Spiritual Connect, used for Chakra Healing & Aura Cleansing, Gives Name, Fame & Prosperity, Opens Up Third-Eye & Gives Access to Extra Terrestrial, gives Intuition Powers & an Insight into the Future, for Sharp Sightedness & Mental Stability, Gives Access to Inter-Space and Cosmic Activities, Activates Crown and Higher Crown Chakra, Gives High Brain Processing Power and Stable Behavioral Patterns. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

Kamiya Sindhur | Kamakhya Sindhoor

Kamiya Sindhur, Kamakhya Sindhur, Kamiya Sindhoor, Kamakhya Sindhoor
Kamakya Sindoor
(Specially Formulated Vermillion) is also called Kamakhya Sindhur. It is useful for Vashikarn and Winning Court Case and getting rid of enemies. This Siddha Kamakhya Sindoor is beneficial for evil eye, fears, spirit, haunted places and devi (goddess) worship. This Siddha Kamakhya Sindoor is highly charged and energized by shakti mantras and other vedic methods. Kamakhya Sindoor is received from Kamakhya Devi Temple at Kaamroo Area in Assam. It is highly charged already and is used in worshipping of goddess. This is an extremely powerful Sindoor and is basically used by Tantriks. Use it for 41 days and see the magic.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

Organic Natural Sindhoor / Vermillion

Sindhoor, Sindhur, Vermilion are the various names people use for this mystical product. It holds a great importance in many religions and traditions, including India and pakistan. Hindu married women use this on the center of their forehead since centuries to express their married status. It is considered as an auspicious sign. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

Infinity Gems for Delay in Marriage, Love Life & Marital Problems

Infinity Gems for Delay in Marriage, Love Life & Marital Problems, Faco Crystals
Infinity Gem for Love Life etc. Specifically Used For: Delay In Marriage, Search For A Good Partner, ReMarriage, Second Marriage, Hurdles In Marriage, To Activate Love Life, Activating Your Marriage House, Marital Relationships, To Get Your Love Back Or Partner Back, Avoid Divorce / Sour Relationships, Activate Cordial Marital Relationships, Sour Relationships, Bad Professional Relations.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

Infinity Gems For Career, Job, Business, Higher & Professional Studies

Infinity Gems, FACO Crystals, Infinity Gems For Career, Job, Business, Higher & Professional Studies
Infinity Gem for Career etc: Specifically Used For: Career, Profession, Professional Studies, Higher Education, Child Education, Activating Education House, Clear Focus & Stability of Mind, Improve Weak Spots & Sharp Mindedness, Quicker Response & Improved IQ, Strong Reflexes & Sharp Memory, High Confidence & Higher Concentration, Activates Overall Brain, Result Oriented Approach, Strong Math & Calculations & Improves Logic & Reasoning Skills.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS


Dhan Ka Bandha: Its placement and presence in particular nakshatras and yogas, whether in a temple, house or office makes the dwelling full of MONEY FLOW, TREASURES, WEALTH, GOOD FINANCES & POSITIVITY. Can also be placed in BANK LOCKERS, TIJORI, SAFE BOXES to Safeguard your Wealth Accumulations from Evil Eyes and Theives (Protection Against Theft).  CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS


Vashikaran Mani: Used For CORPORATE PARTNERS, FOR EMPLOYEES, FOR BUSINESS PARTNERS, FOR BOSSES, TOP MANAGEMENT, TOP HIEARCHY, FOR ENEMIES, TO WIN COURT CASES etc. Also used for Vashikaran of Top Management, Mass Vashikaran of your Employees, Team under you, your Enemies, to dominate them, can make you Win Court Cases Against your Enemies or Competitors etc. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS


Love Stone: Actual Stone Picture Provided on Demand Only. It is used for Love Affairs, Used for Unmarried Couples, Married Couples, For Extra Marital Affairs, For Multiple Affairs at one time, Activating Your Love Life, Getting Desired Partner / Partners, For Getting Back Lost Love, For Getting Back Ex-Girlfriend or Ex-Boyfriend, Used For Activating Sex Life, one will go Mad & Fall in Love with you Madly. Deepen Love For You In Your Current Partner / Girl Friend / Boy Friend / Wife / Husband, Natural & Safest Way to Get your LOVE without any Side Effects.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS


VASHIKARAN PUJA: We are the Vashikaran Speacialist, who knows how to do vashikaran in the most authentic way. Our team of karam kaand pandits, vedic astrologers and tantra specialists knows how to combine all these age old vedas and do vashikaran without harming any body and without any side effects. We know how to do Vashikaran in the safest possible way. We are the only one worldwide who have simplified VASHIKARAN PUJA in few easy steps. We just need the Your Name…..  CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS


PARASHA GEMSTONE: It is a rare gem with natural fading properties. It gives the wearer tremendous amount of Wealth, Monetary Benefits, Huge Financial Gains & Assets. It sharpens your Brain, Activates your Money and Profit House, Kick Starts your Love Life, Make you more Focussed, Gives Clarity of Thoughts, Eliminates Confusions in Life, Gives Instant Decision Making Power, Good for Higher Studies & Professional Studies, Improves Married Life, for Divorcees to get Re-Married….. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

Ek Mukhi Rudraksha Gole Dana | 1 Mukhi Round Shape Nepal

Ek Mukhi Rudraksha Gole Dana | 1 Mukhi Round Shape NepalEk Mukhi Round Rudrakshas have only one line on them. As per our tantras and puranas, round rudrakshas are more powerful than oval or flattened ek 1 mukhi rudrakshas like Kaju Dana / Half Moon Shaped rudraksha beads. It is said that wearing 1 mukhi gol dana will make a person as vibrant as lord shiva himself because of its abundant and tremendous power and mukti, salvation. Ek mukhi gole dana rudraksha contains some super natural powers and one needs to have very strong will power and luck to wear and possess one.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

Indrajaal | Brahmajaal

Indrajaal | Brahmajaal(This is shown Just for Information Purpose Only. We do not buy / sell this item). Indra Jal or Maha Indrajaal is a very well known item in the astrological & religious history of the world. It is a root of a special plant, which is very rarely found & known for its magical effects. It is used to get rid of any ill effects or evil effects, get rid of nazar dosh and financial troubles, black magic, vastu dosh nivaran, clear out the negative energies around, activate the positive energies, guard the place against theft, and activate luck of the occupants. For immediate results & faster relief…….  CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

Dakshinavarti Shankh

Dakshinavarti Shankh
Dakshinavarti Shankha
shows inclination towards the south direction and right side. Some shankhas comes in spiral and some are not. Dakshinavarti shankha is a symbol of goddess Maa Lakshmi i.e. the goddess of wealth. Goddess Lakshmi is always portrayed holding a dakhshinavarti shankh in her hands. Keeping or placing it at Home, Office, Mandir, Temple, or in Tijori / Cashbox / Locker gives good fortunes, money, lots of wealth, good luck and prosperity. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

Parad Shivling | Mercury Lingam

Parad Shivling | Mercury Lingam
Parad Shivling is made from pure parad or mercury – the most auspicious & pure metal. The Liquid Metal – The only metal found in liquid form and hence the process to bind it or making it solid is very difficult and is done by proper vedic methods and various vidhis prescribed in pauranic granthas and vedic books. It is solidified by using various mixtures of vanaspatis, medicinal herbs according to the Ashta-Sanskaar (the vedic eight methods, which is a very difficult and time consuming procedure). Its uniqueness stands in its casting and shaping into the lingam. At, we accept Parad Shivling CUSTOMIZATIONS and it can de made as per your specifications as well. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

Ek 1 Mukhi Java Rudraksha Bead

Ek 1 Mukhi Java Rudraksha Bead
Ek Mukhi Java
Rudrakshas are considered as the Third EYE of SHIVA. As per our tantras and puranas, these rudrakshas are most powerful ones out of all shaped rudraksha beads. It is said that wearing 1 mukhi java will open your third eye and makes a person as vibrant as lord shiva himself because of its abundant and tremendous power and mukti / salvation. It opens the PATH TO THE THIRD WORLD

Trinetra Rudraksha | Ek Mukhi Trinetra Rudraksha

Trinetra RudrakshaTrinetra Rudraksha: This rudraksha bead opens the third world, the third eye and the gateway to knowledge, spiritual connect, all the occult knowledge and tantra, all the vedic & tantric vidhies, its ways, and balance all your emotional, spiritual, super natural and cosmic energies. Any person who is spiritually high or wants to connect to the third world should wear or use this rudraksha.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

Shwetark Ganpati | Aak Ki Jad

Shwetark Ganpati | Aak Ki Jad
Shwetark Ganapati
is procured from the root of a flowering shrub that takes the form of Lord Ganesha when carved out of its root, which itself is used as the most sacred and purest form of Shvetark Ganapati or Aark ki Jad. It is also known as aak or ark ki jar, which is said to have blue and green colored leaves and is found in deep jungles, in mid of Madhya Pradesh.

The possessors of this carved ganpati or the shwetark ganpati in its original root form are blessed with immense wealth and remains free from all evil effects.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

Rare 140 Gems, Crystals & Talismans Mala

Rare 140 Crystals & Gems Mala
Rare 140 Gems Mala: This rare SPIRITUAL find is a souvenir in itself. It takes lots of guts, patience, time, efforts and money to procure all these crystals, gems and talismans from various countries and source them from around the globe. Then they are re-sized and customized in almost equal shapes and sizes to make it possible for mounting in a single garland of oxidized silver. Then it is energized and activated for best results. All this is a combursome process which takes more than 6 months from the scratch to mounting and energization. Its one of its kind collection. A MUST FOR EVERYBODY WHO IS HIGHLY SPIRITUAL AND BELEIVES IN NATURAL HEALING.   CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

Vishnu Chakra Moti | Real Natural Swirl Pearl

Vishnu Chakra Moti | Real Natural Swirl Pearl
This is a rare moti, a natural pearl with Vishnu Chakra on it. The Natural Occurrence of Vishnu Chakra on a Pearl makes it highly powerful and most in demand. Its healing powers can cure all types of ailments arising out of Planet Moon, i.e. Chandra like Mood Swings, Water Borne Diseases, Skin Problems, Relationship Issues, Digestion, Stomach Ailments etc etc. It has many other healing powers as well and is equivalent to wearing or possessing 108 pearls togetherCLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS


ask a question for all problems in life


Nowadays, everybody is suffering from some or the other problem and issues in life. Urban lifestyle is so stressful, that there is no room left for peace and harmony in life. Plus overload of work, stress, relationship issues, ego, and misunderstandings makes our life more miserable. Even the youth of every country is suffering from mental stress and untapped issues. This leads to health issues, depression and hatred towards life.   CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS


The 9 Nine Sacred Vedic Pearls, Nava Mani Tantraveda

Nava Mani, The Nine Pearls, The Nine Vedic Pearls or The 9 Vedic Pearls is what we call as the Nava Moti, or the Nine Gems or Nau Mani. In Garudra Puran, these 9 gems are described as a group of sacred gems in its vedic text. These Nava Moti or Nava Mani are as follows:



    Though most of the pearls are most difficult to procure and are not found these days, but some of them are still available in the international market. The available pearls out of these nava mani are Elephant Pearl (Gaj Mukta) & Cobra Pearl (Naag Mani)CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS



Sindhoor, Sindhur, Vermilion are the various names people use for this mystical product. It holds a great importance in many religions and traditions, including India and pakistan. Hindu married women use this on the center of their forehead since centuries to express their married status. It is considered as an auspicious sign. It is used in various traditions, pujas, yagyas, tantrik activities and to please gods.  Religious ceremonies conducted without using vermilion are considered incomplete without it.   CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

Jaduyi Talismani Mani for Wealth, Finances, Money, Winning Lottery, Betting, Casino, Match Fixing, Jua, Horse Race etc.


Jaduyi Talismani Mani is used for Various Purposes like Winning Lottery, Sudden Financial Gains,Higher Profits, For Match Fixing, Higher Money Inflow, For Gambling Purposes, For Winning in Casino & Roulette Games, Winning in Horse Race, To Win in Betting & with Bookies, Good Luck in Shares & Stock Market, Unexpected Wealth, Riches & Monetary Gains etc etc.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

Note: In spiritul and occult world, tantrik occult practices and vidhis are the most secretive practices, which are meant to be remain secretive from the jaatak and from general public. Apart from this, these practices are kept secret as these can be copied, followed and the benefits can go as low as nil to the jaatak, when exposed to people. So we follow these strict vedic rules and norms and do not expose any of these occult puja vidhis and practices to anyone.