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Antrikha 001, Space Stone Antrikha,

“new stock added”
We have added some rare and few NEW pieces of Space Stone ANTRIKHA in our stock. It is used the most from Shraadh Period till Diwali. Hence, by catering to its huge demand, we have showcased this new stock for our buyers and re-sellers.


Get Rid of Pitra Dosh (Pitron Ki Shaanti Ke Liye Upaye) by our pitra dosh nivaran package. There is no need to go to “GAYA” Bihar for any type of Pitra Dosha or Pitron Ki Shanti ke Upaye. This place has also been commercialized heavily and pandits have made it more of a business now. Thats why, we have started providing a complete package with a ONE TIME REMEDY for Pitra Dosha Nivaran. There is no need to go to GAYA every Year for its upaye and remedy. Investing more than $4000 to $6000 US Dollars visiting Gaya, wasting 8 hours a day in puja for 3 to 5 days and getting back nothing in return is extremely tiring and disappointing. There are No Knowledgeable Pandits & Purohits left there anymore. They are just fooling people for petty money. This has also shaken faith of Foreign Origin Tourists and NRI Indians visiting there.

So we have decided to provide this service to masses so that people can get rid of this Pitru Dosh from our Ancestors in real. Through our age old ancient ways, everybody can get rid of it in One Go, and that too Once and For All.

See the BENEFITS of doing this PITRA DOSH NIVARAN UpayeClick Here…