1 Mukhi Round Rudraksha FAQ

#. Ek mukhi Round Rudraksha is the said to be the highly debated subject in the field of Rudrakshas. Is it a Reality or a Myth? If it is a an actuality, then what about its extra ordinary Powers?

Round Ek mukhi is very much present and available. It’s a fact. But its very rare too!

Ek mukhi Rudraksh are usually available in kaju dana shape, i.e. cashew nut type looks alike shape. They will have only one line on them. They contain single compartment and single seed. Nut in this rudraksha collapses and turns in to cashew nut kaju dana shape specifically because of this single compartment. But, in some very rare occasions Rudraksha bead retains its Roundness, RARE but available with certain sellers who specialize in that. It is available in 4 types. Kaju Dana (very cheap and very easily available), Siddha Dana (rare, but available), Round Nepali (rarest among all, but available with certain sellers who specializes in it and is also a costly affair), Round Indonesian (rare but available with certain sellers who specializes in it).

#. Specialities of Siddha / Round Ek Mukhi

Always Round Rudraksha or Siddha is Powerful than Oval or Flattened Rudraksha. It is clearly told by Puranas and Tantras. But, the Majestic thing in Round Ek mukhi is overcoming natural powers. Round Ek Mukhi Rudraksha marks the person equivalent to God Shiva. It transmits Abundant Power. Salvation (Mukti) is in his hands!

#. Signs on Siddha / Gol Ek Mukhi Rudraksha

Some people say that ek mukhi gol dana rudraksha have signs of Serpents, Shivlings, Holy Om and Trishul formed by it’s copses and groves. But it is not true. These symbols are artificially created, man made and people carve them on cheap rudraksha beads, and sell them at exorbitant prices. One or all the symbols present on any rudraksha certifies it as FAKE. A common man has not seen many Round Ek mukhi in his life-span. So its easy to dupe innocent people showing these fake symbols carved on it. Tantras are also very specific on this topic!

#. Super-Natural Powers of Siddha / Round Ek Mukhi Rudraksha

This is also a question of debate. But, One thing we must remember. Only Great Sadhus and Tantrics can bear it. Only they know how to utilize it. The Super-natural Powers require Sacredness. Otherwise they will lead to the down-fall of the person.

#. What to do if Siddha / Round Ek mukhi is available?

You are the Luckiest person in the world. Capture it any how. Worship it as Lord Shiva. Don’t use it for the worldly things. Be cautious. Of course! you can pray it for your healthy desires. But, that is not at all required. It fulfills all of them without asking. It keeps you high in the life. It gives success everywhere.

#. Physical and Chemical Properties of Ek Mukhi Rudraksha is an interesting topic for many people. Can we prove Rudraksha Power with these properties? Do they have any importance in Rudraksha therapy? Let’s concentrate on the Benefits and uses first.

Uses of Analyzing Rudraksha:

#1. We can easily disregard the Fake ones if we know the properties of an organic rudraksha bead. This is the first use.

#2. Biological and Chemical properties of Rudraksha bead are very much beneficial in Rudraksha Therapy. We may not verify the divine effects of Rudraksha with them. But, they tell us the logic and reason behind the therapeutic and healing effects of Rudraksha.

#3. Ayurveda, Siddha Veda, and some local therapy systems of India have described the usage of Rudraksha in many diseases. But, they require substantial scientific proof. That can be obtained by these properties.

#4. Rudraksha beads are very much beneficial in regulating mental illnesses. Some studies are suggesting the Charismatic Effects of Rudraksha is a reason for this.

#. Rudraksha Physical Properties

Specific gravity for Rudraksha is above 1.05. This rises up to 1.70 varying upon the dryness and type of Rudraksha bead. If the moistness and humidity is more, the Rudraksha may also float on water. But it may not float also. So, this clarifies the myth behind this rule. Remember that – it may or may not float.

PH value for Rudraksha is above 4.82. But the acidity is also dependent on many factors. Nuts from Unripe fruits are more acidic.

Rudrakshas have Powerful Electro-magnetic and Para-magnetic inductive properties. Each variety of Rudraksha beads show different effects. These effects are used for positive results in Neurophysiology and Psychiatry.

#. Rudraksha Bio-Chemical Properties

Chemical evaluation reports suggest the existence of Citric acid, Vitamin C, and Rudraksha oil with Numerous Alkaloids. The pharmacological outcomes of Rudraksha indicate more than one active principle constituent in it. Rudraksha extract has Anti Viral, Anti Bacterial, Anti Protozoal, Anti Fungal, Anti Helminthic properties.

Rudraksha Oil:
It is a Pale yellow colored liquid with a Refractive index of 1.46. The specific gravity of Rudraksha oil is around 0.93. Fatty acid evaluation tells the existence of iso palmitic oil, Iso stearic oil, and signs of many other oils.

Rudraksha Water:
If Rudraksha is left in water for some time, its temperature will upsurge slightly. Water becomes acidic and its Electrical conductivity increases up to 24 Hrs. Rudraksha water improves health.

 #. Can we prove the Spiritual effects of Rudraksh with these tests?

 Scientifically, we believe that this may not be possible. Science has not yet reached God! But, sacred books clearly explained the results of various Rudraksha beads. Sayings of Vedas and Upanishads are never false.

 #. Origin of Rudraksha:

Source of Rudraksha is linked with the age old story telling of Tripurasura Samhara. It has multiple secrets which reveals the benefits and meanings of Rudraksha.

Tripurasuras are 3 Devils who have Uncountable Powers. They live in three Purams which are built in the sky and revolve in space (Can be compared to very big Flying saucers). The Purams are protected by a boon from Lord Ganesh and nobody can harm them, unless they come into a single axis. The moment comes only once in thousands of years.

Lord Shiva who has been prayed by all gods, finally decided to kill those demons. He did a big Tapasya with half-closed eyes. (Ardha Nimeelita Neetra). He burnt Tripurams by opening his eyes and concentrating on the axis. Due to the stress caused by Tapasya, tears came out his eyes while opening them. They turned into Rudrakshas.

#. Meaning of Rudraksha

 Rudra + Aksha = Rudraksha. It is well known. What does “Rudra” mean? Rudra is Lord Shiva in his most fierce form.

The word “Aksha”, tells us many details about the rudraksha. Aksha means “Eye”. It looks like the Third eye of Lord Shiva, Fire, which defends us from death and passion. Aksha means “Borne out of eye”. The tears which came after 1000 years and Tapasya done by Lord Shiva, Rudraksha relieves stress and greatly helps in reaching desired goal. The concentration of Shiva in the war. Everybody needs concentration. This gives a purely philosophical meaning. Tripurasuras resemble Trigunas (Tamas, Rajas and Satwa). They live in Tri Purams, that are named as Sthula, Sukshma and Karana Sareerams One can attain Salvation only after winning these three. We can’t win them one by one. They merge at a one step called “Deha bhranti” (Sense of one-self as a distinct identity) . We have to target it and win them at once.

From the depth of Philosophy, we consider Rudraksha not just a Nut. It is a resemblance of Lord Shiva. Wearing Rudraksha is attaining Shivatwa. Benefits will automatically follow.

Ek Mukhi Rudraksha is the resemblance of Lord Shiva. It is Diamond in Rudrakshas. It makes us Kings. But, What makes it so Powerful? Is it allowed to wear on body? How to get benefits from Ek mukhi Rudraksha?

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