300 Dollar Store

300 Dollar Store has mystical occult products, puja items, spiritual goods, magical talismans, powerful amulets, and rare stones in three hundred to three-ninety-nine dollar range only. 

3DS Talisman 01 | Price $300 USD | Controls Anger, Enhances Intuition, Removes Negativity, Long Term Stability & Self Confidence
3DS Talisman 02 | Price $300 USD | Correct & Balance Energies, Manifestation, Correct Life Path, Divine Power, Reveals Hidden Talents
3DS Talisman 03 | Price $399 USD | Astral Travel, Protection While Travelling, Black Magic Healing, Wish Fulfilment & Wealth, Treats Diseases Like Kidney Disorders, Spleen, Bladder, Stomach, Liver, Nose Bleeding, Gout, Epilepsy, Haemorrhoids, Blood Pressure, Back Bone etc.

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Disclaimer: All these talismanic gems are showcased for low-budget purchases and of starting quality gems only. These gems are rare and come in various other qualities and varieties, which cost more than this price also, but the availability of the same texture, color, and shape is still a challenge and impossible to procure. If your budget allows, ask us for higher-quality gems as well. But in this range, color, texture, size, and shade may differ with every piece purchased. These pictures are showcased for reference, sample, and presentation purposes only. All these are natural and organic talismans, which will variate a lot from piece to piece, in pattern, texture, color, etc. Photography, light conditions, and play of light are also to be taken into consideration. It is absolutely fine if you receive a gem with a different color texture or pattern. But that doesn’t mean that it is not the same stone. It will be the same variety of stone, but with differences in color and texture, which variates and differs from every piece. No piece is similar to each other. Some of them do not come in oval shape only. They come in various shapes which is totally acceptable and normal. Even their natural texture, colors may differ for the same gem or crystal, like greenish-brown to greyish-yellow to the mix of black-brown to orange, and green shades. Even blues differ in combination of greys and blacks. We have no control over this as it’s the play of nature and the characteristics of these talismans, which make them stand out from each other, even after belonging to the same family. Hence, clarity of mind is of utmost need to buy these talismanic gems because of huge variations in all pieces of the same family.

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