NUCOPYROLOGY by Dr. Pankaj Verma

NUCOPYROLOGY is a secret formula conceived, devised, and developed by Dr. Pankaj Verma for rectifying specific problems in life-related to astrology, vastu, geopathic stress, energy healing, aura problems, planetary effects, spiritual issues and evil activities. It’s a one stop solution developed for specific issues faced in day-to-day lives. In this technique, all the formulations are also embedded with color therapy and Healing codecs to get maximum effects. It’s a scientific amalgamation of more than 10 therapies combined together with his secret techniques to treat various issues in life.

Dr Pankaj Verma’s Profile 
(Vedic Astrologer, Vastu Guru, Remedy Expert, Spiritual & Energy Healer)

Dr Pankaj Verma is an internationally renowned astrologer with a rich professional experience of over 28+ years. He started practicing astrology in 1994 and is a subject expert in the fields of Remedial Astrology, Vedic Vastu, Gems Therapy, Rudraksha Therapy, Astro-Numerology, Astro-Colour Therapy, Distant Healing & Spiritual Healing. Owing to his accurate and precise predictions, he has carved his niche and earned fame across the globe as the “REMEDY KING”.

He has been honored with an AWARD of PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE in Astrology & Vastu in November 2015 & the Best Astrologer Award in March 2016. He is a featured astrologer with Astro Yogi and Amar Ujala group. In addition, he is a TV Celebrity who has featured in the main slots for LIVE TV Shows & Predictions on National & International TV Channels like Saadhna, Pragya, Home Shop 18, Sadhna, Ishwar, Divya, etc. He has endorsed many jewelry & zodiac gemstone brands on Home Shop 18 Channel. He has also contributed in-depth articles on Vaastu and Astrology published in various leading Astro Magazines.

Dr. Verma has been pursuing professional consultancy of Vedic Vastu, Astrology & Spiritual Healing and has proved his expertise in identification of vital points of Vaastu Purush in any Plot / Land / Building, in Map Designing and Architectural Designing with Vedic Vaastu Shastra Norms. He has expertise in the realms of Occult Sciences as well, especially in Remedial Vastu & its Applications along with his regular astrological studies. He also provides remedies on the basis of Gochar.

He has been researching for the past 18 years in Astro Numerology, Applied Vastu, and Karmkand. His way of providing remedies to the clients just by knowing their issues and problems in their life is an integral part of his standard practice. This proves very insightful in extreme cases, where immediate and effective solutions are needed.

Widely acclaimed for having intuitive powers and providing precise and accurate predictions pertaining to career, financial matters, personal relationships, children, education, property, business, health, investments, etc, Dr. Verma’s consultations provide extremely accurate & significant insights into different aspects of life. His sharp acumen in Predictive & Remedial Astrology & to-the-point analysis of various facts in the field of Education, Litigation, Property, Assets / Vehicle Purchase, Health, Travel, Career and Finances, Relationship Issues, Love, Marriage, Money, Personal Growth, Emotional Trauma, Spiritual Growth, Life Predictions, Romance, Divorce, Children, Longevity, Travel, Annual Predictions, Kundli match-making, etc. eases out lives of numerous distressed and depressed people. Analyzing the birth chart with a holistic view provides an in-depth sight into the present and future along with accurate remedies in a simple yet effective way.

He has performed various siddhis and gained various powers necessary enough for providing the right predictions, remedies, and fruitful suggestions at the time of consultation. He also meditates extensively to increase his spiritual and occult powers for the benefit of mankind. He also feels strong divine powers from within, which compel him to serve mankind through this holy medium of astrology and spiritualism. Dr. Verma’s utmost dedication, core professionalism, diligence, and relentless service help to bring peace, harmony, and happiness in the lives of thousands of people worldwide and he is a trustworthy name to reckon with towards improving lives, fulfillment of spirituality, and thus, enlightening the path of life.

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Dr. Pankaj Verma

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Nagamani is a snake-stone, which is called by different names in different cultures, regions, tribes and countries like piedritas negras, snake’s pearl, pierre noire, viper’s stone, black stone, schwarze Steine, or serpent-stone.

Nagmani, pearl or snake pearl as steered by the word may be a pearl naag / snake. Nagmani or snake pearl is one among the foremost exceptional pearl or stone found within the world that carries most of fortune and blessings of health, wealth and prosperity. Nagmani is made on the top of a cobra or Naja hannah. Finding a nagmani is simply a matter of luck as a result of the elapid snake doesn’t disclose that sometimes. It’s aforesaid that the snake would die if somebody takes the mani / pearl snake.

Although this nagmani is valuable as a result of it’s aforesaid to be rarest of rare pearl within the world, however as luck would have it we tend to found this mani then not talk terms with the worth because it can bring enough cash, fortune, wealth, health, eliminate economic condition , offers triumph over enemies, causes you to noted within the world, etc. If an individual owns or snake pearl nagmani then he or she’s going to be blessed by god shiva. Several noted individuals own this nagmani however ne’er disclosed this reality. Our cake terrorist organization has the precise data on wherever this mani / pearls may be found. Yet many folks within the world has this nagmani with the assistance of cake terrorist organization.

Benefits Of Nagamani And Elapid Pearl

Nagmani edges elapid pearl nagamani or snake pearl because the word suggests that it’s a pearl for naag / snake. Nagmani or snake pearl is one among the rarest of rare pearl or stone found within the world that gives most of the fortune and therefore the blessing of health, wealth and prosperity. Nagmani is made on the hood of the recovery of the king or recovery. The invention may be a nagmani simply a matter of luck as a result of the snake discovered no overall recovery. It’s aforesaid that the snake would die if somebody takes the snake pearl peanuts.

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