Corona Virus Protection Kit (CVPK )


CVPK - Corona Virus Protection Kit by
CVPK - Corona Virus Protection Kit by

Corona Virus Protection Kit for Residence & Offices (For All Your Family Members, Staff & Colleagues)

Its a DIY (Do It Yourself) easy to install kit, which needs to be placed at home and/or office. This kit will continuously cleanse the environment around, ionize the air, takes care of geopathic stress and gives protection against diseases. This all in one kit will give you and your loved ones a harmonious environment and keeps cleansing the air inside, as Corona Virus is an air-borne disease.

Remember: At this crucial times, being alive and healthy is more important than any other luxury in the world. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe through this Natural Remedy & Protection against Deadly Virus called Covid-19.