A Nagamani can make an ordinary person a king & is very valuable!

Lord Sheshnag is dressed as Naga Mani. In Indian mythology and folklore, stories of Nagamani are popular among common people. Nagmani is only with the serpents. The serpent keeps it with him so that he eats the insects and insects that have gathered around his light. However, apart from this, there are more reasons for keeping the gem by the serpents.

The mystery of Nag Mani is still unresolved. It is popular in the general public that many people have seen such serpent with a gem on its head. Although there are many stories of Manidhar Nag in Puranas. Lord Krishna also encountered a similar snake. Sarpamani, also called Naag Mani, is on the head of this particular serpent.

According to the mention found in Vrihatsamhita, a major book of astrology, Manidhari Snakes exist in the world. Since such serpents are rare to meet, it is said that Manihari snakes are not there. Now whatever is the truth, but many interesting things have been told about Naagmani in Vrhatsamhita. Which makes one think about whether Nagmani actually exists. Many things have been said about Nagamani in greatness…

Some unheard things related to the beads of the serpent.

  1. There is so much brightness in Cobra Pearl that where it is there, strong light spreads around it.
  2. Nagamani is more powerful and supernatural than other stones. Nagmani looks like a peacock and shines like a fire.
  3. Those who have this gem do not have the effect of poison. They are free from disease.
  4. Varahamihira states that the king who possesses this Snake Stone is the one who conquers enemies.
  5. In his state, it rains on time and the subjects are happy. Varahamihira writes such a thing because in those days, there used to be King Maharaja.
  6. In Nagaraj comics, all the things related to Nag and real naag mani will be read and understood in detail.
  7. Nagmani has a lot of value in the human world, by selling which a human can comfortably feed his seven books. But it is impossible for humans to get it.
  8. The real nagmani that came out of a poisonous snake, about which it is said that the fate of a person who gets caught by him changes.
  9. Sarpamani is also called Nagmani, it is situated on the head of a particular snake. There is so much sparkle in real nagamani that where it happens, strong light spreads around it.
  10. Original Nagamani looks like a peacock and shines like a fire. Nagamani is more powerful and supernatural than other beads.
  11. There are many types of gem like Paras Mani, Sapphire, Nagamani, Kaustubh Mani, Chandrakanta Mani, Syamantak Mani, Rhinestone Mani, Lajawart Mani, Uluka Mani.

The major jewels are considered as 9 – Ghrit Mani, Oil Mani, Bhishmak Mani, Upalak Mani, Rhinestone Mani, Paras Mani, Uluka Mani, Lajavart Mani, Masar Mani…

  • Children can be saved from sight by wearing a garland of gheerit mani.
  • Lakshmi never stops wearing this gem.
  • Wearing oil gem increases strength.
  • The person wearing Upalak Mani attains devotion and yoga.
  • Bhishmak Mani is helpful in increasing wealth.
  • Eye diseases are cured by wearing Ulook Mani.
  • Wearing a beautiful gem increases intelligence.
  • Wearing Masar Mani reduces the effects of water and fire.
Nagmani Nagamani