pet stone, dog stone

“PET STONE” is used for multiple purposes on various types of pets like cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, horses, ferrets, fish, guinea pigs, rats and mice, amphibians, reptiles, stick insects, etc. Keep watching for the launch of this section soon!

Most DOG LOVERS and CAT LOVERS are more aware and hyper-sensitive for their pets. They are the biggest buyers of these miraculous crystals known for their healing effects on almost all domestic and wild animals, reptiles, and sea creatures.

– Pets will become more domestic and loving.
– Pets will feel calm and more centered.
– Pets will become more sensitive and in control of the owners and family members.
– Pets will get continuous healing, improving their health, protecting against various ailments, diseases, and healing towards existing diseases or disorders.
Pets feel more secure with their owners.
–  It can make them more attached to their caretakers and owners emotionally.
– They will protect their owners from any danger around.
– It will activate their SIXTH SENSE. This way they can feel and alarm their owners of any upcoming danger or calamity. It will make them more sensitive towards their environment and habitat so that they can protect their caretakers, owner, and their family.
– This can make Pets healthier and stronger physically and emotionally.
– This helps female pets more as they go through their monthly cycle, which makes this process more easy and smooth.
– It is good for relieving all types of pains in PETS as they can’t speak and only express their feelings through sign language.
– This is a must for every PET LOVER!  

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