Miracles of Naagmani

Nagamani: Nagmani is held by Lord Sheshnag. In Indian mythology and folklore, stories of Nagamani are prevalent among the common people. Nagmani is only with the serpents. The snake keeps it with him so that he can eat the insects and insects gathered around his light. However, there are other reasons for the placing of the gem by the serpents.

Miracles of Nagamani: It is said about Nagamani that whoever possesses it changes his fate. It is said that Nagamani has supernatural powers. The diamond also fades before its brightness. According to the belief, whoever possesses Nagmani, he also has supernatural powers and that man also becomes rich. Mani’s presence is the same as Aladdin’s lamp. Although no one knows how much truth there is.

The Mystery of Nagamani

The mystery of Nagamani remains unsolved even today. It is popular in the general public that many people have seen snakes that had a gem on their head. Although there are many stories of Manidhar Nag in Puranas. Lord Krishna also encountered a similar serpent.


The stories of Nag, Nagamani and Nagakanya are found in Chhattisgarhi literature and folklore. Manuj descends into water through Nagamani. Nagmani’s specialty is that water gives him the way. After this, the adventurous Manuja is situated in the palace and defeats Nag and obtains Nagakanya.


It is said about Nagmani that the fate of the person who gets attached to it changes overnight. There are also different beliefs about whether there is a Nagmani or not. All of us have also read the stories of Manidhari Nag in books. But in reality, hardly anyone has seen Nagmani. Recently, a video has been in the headlines on social media, in which dangerous snakes along with Nagmani have also been told. However, it has not been confirmed that this Nagamani is real, as shown in the video.


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